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Ideas For Best Friend Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoo IdeasOver the years there have been a lot of different things that best friends have done to show the world how close they are. Before the scare of AIDS and other blood diseases, they would prick their fingers and rub the blood together. As time went by, friendship bracelets became a fad, and then best friend necklaces and rings came out too. Nowadays, some best friends decide to get tattoos to commemorate their friendship.
One example of a best friend tattoo idea is shown in the movie “The Bangor Sisters” in which the two main characters each got half hearts tattooed to their arms so that when they stood together it made the tattoo whole. This can be done on arms, hands or even to a larger extreme, the clients’ backs. It can also read their names, or simply just say “Best Friends”.
A design that could be used is to tattoo a necklace to each friend rather than actually just wearing one. This can be done for bracelets or rings as well. It is probably a good idea to watch out when getting these done, as sometimes friends who seem very close at the time can fade away too.

Sometimes angel tattoos can be a symbol of our friendship with one another or with someone who might have passed away. Whatever design you go with, it will have meaning between the two friends that who cares what anyone else thinks.

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